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Nature Sites

Bibler Gardens

This iconic bridge covers the Kootenai River and is the perfect spot to immerse yourself in nature or snap the perfect photo.

Lone Pine State Park

Perfect for hikers, Lone Pine State Park has trails with beautiful views.

Glacier Guides and Montana Raft

Glacier Guides and Montana Rafts offer guided tours. With options like rafting down the river or hiking through the forests, there is an option for everybody.

Mount Aeneas

Mount Aeneas is known for its beautiful trails and even better views of the great Montana mountains.

Any of these wonderful nature sites are great ways to appreciate nature and experience the beauties and wonders that Kalispell, MT has to offer. These are only a fraction of the things to do in Kalispell MT.

Things to Do in Kalispell MT


Kalispell, MT provides an amazing shopping experience, with a focus on local jewelry, art, and wellness products.

Coins & Carats

Coins & Carats is the spot for all jewelry and coin collectors! There are always some rare and unique finds here

The Rancher’s Daughter

Feel the spirit of Kalispell at The Rancher’s Daughter. With a selection of local food, grass-fed beef, and more, it is a must-see in Kalispell.

Kehoe’s Agate Shop

Kehoe’s Agate Shop offers a selection of jewelry and handmade products, with a focus on jewelry made locally.


Unlock all the dining delights of Kalispell, MT.

Sykes Diner

Sykes Diner is a local favorite, known for its filling meals and diner theme.

Mackenzie River Pizza South

Mackenzie River Pizza serves up different and classic pizzas in a family-friendly environment.

Cup o’ Soul

Cup o’ Soul - Farm to Table Ice Cream offers handmade ice cream made from local ingredients, providing the perfect sweet treat to end any meal.

The Sitting Duck

Enjoy a delicious sit-down meal with a beautiful view of the water to pair with your food.

Breweries & Distilleries

Enjoy a blend of local flavors and brewing techniques unique to Kalispell, MT.

Bias Brewing

Beer lovers will love Bias Brewing, offering a wide selection of beers to satisfy anyone.

Hungry Horse Liquor Store

While mainly a store, Hungry Horse Liquor features a variety of local spirits for those looking for a taste of Kalispell.

Sacred Waters Brewing Company

Sacred Waters Brewing Company combines beautiful scenery with craft beers, allowing you to truly lose yourself in Kalispell’s beauty and lifestyle.

Dusty Star Saloon

For those looking to try something different, Dusty Star Saloon offers a classic saloon setting with a wide selection of drinks to choose from.


 Kalispell invites you to try many unique activities that reflect the beauty and culture of Montana.

Clydesdale Outpost

Clydesdale Outpost shows you Montana’s stunning landscapes while interacting with beautiful horses.

Wild Trout Adventures

Wild Trout Adventures offers fly fishing to visitors of all skill levels.

Sea Me Paddle Kayaking Tours

Sea Me Paddle lets you explore lakes and rivers while on guided tours.

Alpine Theatre Project

The Alpine Theatre Project hosts entertaining performances related to Kalispell, perfect for any theatre buff.

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